drummer Chris Cutler photograph
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Chris Cutler

* 1947, US-DC

Drummer for
Henry Cow
Art Bears

(et al.)
official drummer website  Chris' website
official drummer website  Chris' label's site
drummer video  Performance (2010)¹
drummer interview  Interview²
drummer interview  Interview³
drummer photo  Photos
¹ Roulette TV, 2010
² B. Colli, 2002
³ K. Breznikar, 2011
drummer photo  Chris Cutler 2006
drummer photo  Chris Cutler 2011
drummer photo  Chris Cutler 2014
comment  Sometimes, reading about drummers, you face the phrase of someone being called underrated, with no further explanation. In the same context, you'll most likely never read that a majority would regard them as not successful, or not talented - it seems to mean something different. What's that all about?
Are drummers considered underrated, if they're not being interviewed thrice a day, not mentioned weekly in every other drummer mag, or instrument ad, or not being followed by dozens of screaming fans as soon as they dare to leave their guarded homes?
In that case, Chris Cutler might be one of those who are glad being referred to as underrated. It's just that his resourceful musical works are definitely not everyone's cup of tea - as they're not supposed to, I guess.   [pbu 2015]
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