Drummer Dennis Chambers photograph
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Dennis Chambers

* 1959, US-MD  ·  Drummer for John Scofield, Santana  (et al.)
official drummer website  Dennis' Website
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Dennis on pearldrum.com
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Dennis on zildjian.com
comment  When you're running a website, Google lets you know about the search terms people used to find your pages (also without using AdSense - this site doesn't).
Since Dennis Chambers is featured here, one of the top search terms leading to this site is 'Dennis Chambers health'. Since 2014, people seem more interested in his disease status than in other information about Dennis Chambers.
Doing research about Dennis, it's been really annoying to get so many yellow press results about Dennis being sick. Try a Google search on 'Dennis Chambers' nowadays (2015) and check the 'related searches' at the bottom of the results page: 'Dennis Chambers ill', 'Dennis Chambers weight loss', 'Dennis Chambers hospital', ...
It's like curious onlookers obscure any other view on Dennis.
If you got to this page bent to rumors about his medical condition:
Sorry, no scuttlebutting here - you'll just find the video statement Dennis officially published in 2014. His health file shouldn't be your concern - if it was, you wouldn't be searching for it here.
But here, you'll also find a link to his Maceo Parker gig recorded in July 2015, which may assure you that he's up and playing - and how he's playing!
People get ill, even famous people. Gawping doesn't help.   [pbu 2015]
drummer video  Dennis about health (2015)
drummer video  w/ Maceo Parker ('Jazz a Vienne' - 2015 - 90min)
drummer video  Dennis soloing on Soul Sacrifice (Santana, Montreux - 2011)
band website  Dennis on santana.com
drummer's officical facebook appearance  Dennis on Facebook
drummer photo  Dennis Chambers 2008
drummer photo  Dennis Chambers 2011
drummer photo  Dennis Chambers 2013
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