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Eric Carr
Paul Charles Caravello

* 1950, US-NY
† 1991, US-NY

Drummer for

official drummer website  Eric's website
wikipedia drummer article  Eric on Wikipedia
drummer video  Drum solo, 1984
drummer video  Documentary¹
drummer interview  Interview (YT)²
drummer photo  Eric Carr 1980
¹ Tale of the Fox (2000,
² WCWP, 1989
comment  Everyone (among us drummers) knows, that the drummer is usually the nicest, most decent member of a band. ;-)
This in mind, it's not too surprising how the above linked radio broadcast with Eric Carr documents, that there actually was one Kiss member who was able to leave a pleasant and humorous mark (aside from being a versatile and professionally acting musician).
While this perception is confirmed in the 2000 documentary, it's conceivable that Eric Carr supposably wouldn't appreciate the reproachfully disputant conduct among original Kiss members of nowadays.
He would probably joke about it. Keep resting in peace, Eric.   [pbu 2015]
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