drummer James Cassells photograph
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James Cassells

* 1989, GB  ·  Drummer for Asking Alexandria
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  James Cassells on tamadrum.co.jp
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  James Cassells on sabian.com
drummer interview  Interview (Cryptic Rock, 2014)
drummer interview  Interview (Prelude Press, 2016)
drummer interview  Interview (Distorted Sound, 2017)
drummer video  Tattoo Interview, 2011
drummer video  Vic Firth Priority Access feat. drum cam footage, 2011
drummer video  Workshop by James (parts of 'Reckless & Relentless', 2012)
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band's video channel  AA's YouTube channel (Alexandria Place)
drummer video  Asking Alexandria - Into the Fire (2017)   [Behind the Scenes]
drummer video  Asking Alexandria album (Sumerian Records 2017 - YT playlist)
drummer photo  James Cassells 2012
drummer photo  James Cassells 2015
drummer James Cassells photograph
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