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Peter Erskine

* 1954, US-NJ  ·  Weather Report, Steely Dan  (et al.)
official drummer website  Peter's website
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on tamadrum.co.jp
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on zildjian.com
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on vicfirth.com
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on remo.com
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on gruvgear.com
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Peter on rolandus.com
comment  So much to find about Peter Erskine ... he's very present - concerning playing, publishing, and endorsing.
On this site, usually a few endorsee links are provided to let the reader find out about a drummer's equipment. In Peter's case, there are more endorsement links than other drummers have links at all.
Besides, it's not easy to keep track with what brand of drums he's actually playing, due to numerous changes in just a few years.
So what's the statement endorsing a brand? Is it about the best instruments, best money, best support?
Asked about Tama drums, Erskine states, that this time, his choice was a result of emotions and international backline support needs.
Anyway, there's a truth told us by the fact that many of the most successful drummers seem to be changing endorsements as frequently as others change underwear:
Most - if not all - brands appear to have perfect instruments, and being good at playing drums is not a consequence of having found the best brand - it's the other way around: Having the choice is a consequence of being good.
Realizing this might have a curative effect on some brand-affixed musicians,
so thanks alot!   [pbu 2016]
drummer video  Drum lesson (Drumeo, 2014 - 75min)
drummer video  Gospel Chops, 2014 (Solo @ 05:33)
drummer video  w/ Diana Krall, 2004
drummer interview  Interview (Mike Dolbear, 2011)
drummer interview  Interview (Michael Davis, Hip-Bone Music 2012)
drummer interview  Podcast (drummer's resource, 2014)
drummer interview  Peter Erskine on 'Whiplash' (1)
drummer interview  Peter Erskine on 'Whiplash' (2)
drummer's officical facebook appearance  Peter on Facebook
drummer photo  Peter Erskine 1984
drummer photo  Peter Erskine 2009
drummer photo  Peter Erskine 2010
drummer photo  Peter Erskine 2012
drummer photo  Peter Erskine 2014
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