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Sebastian Lanser

* 1983, AT  ·  Drummer for Panzerballett, Obscura  (et al.)
band website  Sebastian Lanser on Obscura's website
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Sebastian Lanser on tama.de
drums/cymbals/instrument endorsement site  Sebastian Lanser on meinlcymbals.com
wikipedia drummer article  Sebastian Lanser on Wikipedia [de]
drummer interview  Interview: Drum Illuminati (Extreme Drummers, 2013)
drummer's video channel  Sebastian's YouTube channel
drummer video  Sebastian @ TAMA 40th Anniversary Drum Festival (2014)
drummer video  Obscura | Ten Sepiroth - Drum Playthrough
band video  Panzerballett - Wacken Open Air 2016 (Full show, 55min)
drummer's officical facebook appearance  Sebastian Lanser on Facebook ...
drummer's soundcloud appearance  on SoundCloud ...
drummer's instagram appearance  on Instagram ...
drummer's instagram appearance  on Myspace
drummer photo  Sebastian Lanser 2012
drummer photo  Sebastian Lanser 2013
drummer photograph
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